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Why We like Vidyo

The Top Eight Reasons Why We Really like the Vidyo Technology.

We really do like their product and are not bashful about promoting it.  Here are our key reasons followed by a Vidyo document listing their six key reasons.

1. A Complete Portfolio—We can offer our customers everything from mobile clients to multi-screen immersive HD systems. Whether the customer needs a PC or MAC client or a complete room system, Vidyo has us covered using a single integrated architecture.

2. Interoperability—It is the most interoperable system that we know of and Vidyo continues to work to keep it that way. With the VidyoGateway it connects to most legacy systems. Vidyo’s Chief Scientist has been elected as the Chief Editor of the UCIF (Unified Communications Interoperability Forum) for SVC. In the past video conferencing was used in Islands. In the future it will be open—like the telephone system. Interoperability is very important. For more detail download this Interoperability document.

3. High Quality Video—The experience is stunning. Our prospects are so surprised at the quality. They are not expecting it. Vidyo delivers.

4. SVC (Scalable Video Coding)—SVC is the first video codec designed for consumer grade networks. It is why HD video can be successfully deployed on desktops and mobile devices. Consumers don’t have expensive high-grade MPLS networks. The founders of Vidyo were the engineers behind the SVC standard. Others are now starting to deploy SVC, but Vidyo has many years of experience with it and it shows. The cost of an enterprise grade network is considerable, but with Vidyo our customers can use a much-cheaper consumer grade structure.

5. Easy to Use—The portal provides a consistent user experience across all platforms. Just a couple of clicks and you’re started. The needed features are readily available. Guests can be invited by sending a link in an email.

6. Cloud Architecture—The Cloud Architecture is very flexible and scalable. Components can reside in a data center or on-premises. They can be scattered all over the globe. We can use a hosted model for economics, but put a router at a customer’s site to take advantage of a closed internal MPLS network.

7. Economics—Vidyo is less expensive. Case in point. We recently did a proposal for a prospect that insisted they did not want Vidyo. The spec included two room systems for the two largest offices and some additional desktop and mobile clients for smaller offices and telecommuters. We were shocked to find the legacy proposal was twice the cost of Vidyo.

8. Great Reputation—Vidyo wins many awards and accolades—and rightfully so. I listened to a webinar a few months ago presented by a video conferencing vendor. The subject was a comparison all of the video choices. Someone brought up Vidyo. The presenter admitted that he was jealous of their architecture. They will be around in the end.

There are many more reasons to love Vidyo, but those are our top 8.  Vidyo has their own top-six list.  Click here to download their document.

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