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Vidyo Overview

Vidyo is the primary vendor for Video Conferencing Technologies. Our focus is high quality, high definition, business-level video conferencing solutions and providing the network and technological infrastructure to be able to support it. We offer a complete line of products for the very small to the very large business. The entire Vidyo product line is based on SVC (scalable video coding), a relatively new standards-based protocol enabling HD quality video over a consumer-grade internet connection. This lowers the price entry point as most commercial level video conferencing requires a QoS (Quality of Service) enhanced internet connection which is significantly more expensive.

The Vidyo portfolio can be divided into Endpoints and Infrastructure.

1. VidyoPanorama—A multi-screen Immersive Telepresence room system. Can accommodate up to 9 (and soon to be 20) screens of 1080P/60 fps video. Amazing quality and flexibility.
2. VidyoRoom—A robust appliance appropriate for your conference room or auditorium. Available in four models.
3. VidyoDesktop—A desktop application for your PC, MAC, or Linux computer that delivers an HD quality video conferencing experience from your office, home or hotel room.
4. VidyoMobile—A mobile client for you IOS or Android phone or tablet.

1. VidyoRouter—The heart of the system. The application level router controls all endpoints though-out the conference. It continuously monitors and adjusts the signal as conditions dictate. It acts as a bridge, but performs no encoding or decoding like a traditional MCU.
2. VidyoPortal—A server for easy web access for users and administrators. It enables presence information, easy connections among users, invitations to guest participants, and full control functions.
3. VidyoGateway—A server that enables Vidyo Endpoint compatibility with legacy video conferencing equipment from Cisco/Tandberg, Polycom, and others.
4. VidyoReplay—A Recording and Webcasting solution.

Vidyo has won many accolades and awards for their technology. We absolutely love it. Video Conferencing Technologies is both a reseller partner of Vidyo and a provider of hosted services based on the Vidyo technology. We can sell you the equipment if you wish, we can provide you a hosted service, or we can provide a hybrid solution where you invest in the endpoints and we provide the infrastructure. A win-win using any configuration.

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