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Room Systems

Vidyo offers 4 different room systems, the HD-50, HD-100, HD-110, and the HD-220. These systems can be used in an executive office, but more commonly are used in conference rooms and other larger facilities. All four systems can be configured for either a single or dual monitor. They all are built on off-the-shelf hardware and use a Microsoft embedded systems operating system. All four deliver an HD quality experience.

The HD-50 encodes at 720P @30 fps (frames per second) and decodes up to 1080P @30 fps. It uses a standard webcam camera input.

The HD-100 and up are primarily used in conference rooms or auditoriums. It encodes at 720P @ 30 fps and decodes up to 720P @ 60 fps or 1080P @30 fps. It uses a professional grade camera with HDMI output. Professional grade cameras are recommended for conference rooms as they have PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) features, professional optics, wide angle viewing, and remote control.

The HD-110 encodes and decodes at 1080P @ 30 fps. It can also decode at 720P @ 60 fps.

The HD-220 encodes and decodes at1080P @ 30 fps or 720P @ 60 fps. It also uses a professional grade camera. The difference between the 110 and the 220 is the 110 and below models display video (people) on one screen and content on the second. The 220 can display video on either one or two screens.

All systems are completely compatible with the entire Vidyo line of products and use the same portal interface. For a brochure, click on the link below:

VidyoRoom Brochure
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