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Disruptive Technology

Vidyo is considered a disruptive technology. A disruptive technology is one that disrupts the established industry norms. Vidyo delivers a complete product family of HD (high definition) video conferencing products using a much simpler design and at a much lower price point than heretofore thought possible. Three key factors make it disruptive. The first is SVC (scalable video coding). This is a new video industry standard that enables high definition video using a standard internet connection. Most video conferencing relies on high quality data connections and that equates to expensive. Of course the Vidyo technology can use those same high quality lines, but it doesn’t need them to perform its magic. The founders of Vidyo were the key original designers and architects of the SVC standard.

The second key factor is the Vidyo architecture does not use an MCU (multipoint control unit) when multiple parties connect. Most multi-party video conferencing relies on an MCU. The MCU decodes the signal, processes it, encodes it, and then sends it to the end points. This adds latency and the extra decoding/encoding causes the signal to degrade. MCU’s are very powerful as they do some heavy duty processing. Consequently, they are very expensive. Vidyo uses an application layer router in the middle. It is much more efficient as it doesn’t encode and decode the signal in the middle. It only routes the signal. It cuts down the latency and improves the signal quality as there is no decoding/encoding needed. The architecture is simpler, better, and cheaper.

The third key factor in the Vidyo product line is software. It uses off-the-shelf hardware. This reduces expenses and guards against obsolescence. These three factors make Vidyo a disruptive technology. It brings down the price point while retaining the high quality experience. It is now affordable for the small business and a disruptive game changer in the industry.

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