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It Just Works Service

This is a service for busy professionals that just don’t have time for messing around with technology. Let me explain by example. I want to make a sales presentation to Joe Brown using video conferencing services. I am a User of Video Conferencing Technologies, but Joe isn’t. I invite him as a guest, but I want to make sure everything works right prior to my presentation. I don’t want to spend all of my allotted time messing with the technology and I have no idea what kind of computer, network, etc. that Joe uses. Our “It Just Works Service” will call Joe prior to your meeting and check out his system and make sure it is ready for your meeting and Joe understands how to use it. Your face time opportunity is not lost getting the technology right. We will even sent a loaner camera or audio device if that is what it takes.

Video Conferencing Technologies does charge for this extra service on a time and material basis, but it saves your face time with the potential customer for productive work. It also saves your travel time to the customer. It leaves you with more time to sell and that makes everyone happy.
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