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Video conferencing is incredibly efficient and cost effective, but it will not work well if your network is oversubscribed and not capable of handling the traffic.  When implementing video conferencing it is wise to also review your short and long term network needs.  Of course video conferencing is not the only thing impacting today’s networks.  Cloud computing, VoIP, Unified Communications, video clips, webinars, telecommuters, and a host of cloud services are contributing as well.

The staff of Video Conferencing Technologies has many years of experience in telecommunications and networking as well as having relationships with many different carriers and network equipment vendors.  Our approach to network services is from the customer’s point of view.  We are not tied into a particular vendor or carrier so are free to consult with and recommend the solution that is right for the customer.  Our solutions frequently recommend two or more carriers for redundancy. We often recommend different grades of bandwidth to save on costs. Most carriers tie the customer to a long term contract which adds another element of complexity.  Let us help you with a long term strategy.

We have partnered with several vendors that we think have services and equipment that is useful to many if not most of our customers.  The first is Appneta.  We use Appneta for visibility into the network.  We want to see when and where our network connections are being overloaded.  We want to see how many video conferencing connections the network can handle before it seriously degrades.  We can do the same for voice.  There are many different services that Appneta can handle, but all center on visibility.  If you can see the problem, you can fix the problem.  We personally use Appneta equipment in each of our data centers and also in our office. We get an hourly report of various threshold violations at each location.

We also partner with Exinda.  Their products provide visibility, control, and optimization.  They are particularly effective between branch offices and the headquarters.  We can monitor what Jimmy or Mary are working on and control their usage to that site.

Our staff comes from the telecommunications sector.  We were always taught that companies need 5 9’s of reliability.  It is not acceptable for the telephone to be down.  Today, it is more important for the network to be up than the telephone.  Everything, including the telephone, runs on the network.  Companies need redundancy to insure continuity.  If the primary link is down, the slack can be handled by another circuit. Our partner Elfiq provides great load balancing equipment.  With Elfiq we can use both enterprise grade circuits (think good, but expensive) and consumer grade circuits (think cheap) to provide redundancy as well as a cheaper overall solution. Not every application needs an enterprise grade circuit.  This is also the reason why we really like Vidyo.  Any video conferencing takes a considerable amount of bandwidth, but with Vidyo (unlike most vendors) the bandwidth can be consumer grade.

Let Video Conferencing Technologies help you analyze your network needs.  Our multi-vendor approach with be vastly superior to a single vendor approach.  Also, it will not become outdated like a single vendor approach.  It puts you in control instead of your WAN provider.

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