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Video Conferencing Technologies, through our partner Elfiq, provide link balancing technologies, but what is that and…

How does a Link Balancer work?

Link BalancerThe Link Balancer allows simultaneous use of many routed links and supports any kind of routed link or speed. It does not require ANY change to standard router configurations. The Link Balancer will allow balancing for both incoming and outgoing traffic, usually on a per session basis (source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port and protocol).

Link Balancers will usually handle this traffic management through Network Address Translation (NAT), where source or destination IP addresses of packets will be changed to match ISP links with an IP address association.  Elfiq Link Balancers also support TAG and PREF balancing.

Multiple balancing rules are configured with different algorithms and link selection so the network administrator can have control over network link selection and usage (traffic segmentation).  That means the best link(s) for a task can be used to its full potential.

Complementary services include Quality of Service (QoS) for traffic allocation, Site-to-Site resiliency and link bonding, geographic load balancing, the possibility to enable or disable balancing rules depending on specific conditions or status and the verification of available traffic destinations.

We think link balancing makes a lot of sense for most businesses.  It makes the network much more reliable and can also save money.  Let Video Conferencing Technologies help analyze your system.

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