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Custom Video Conferencing Application Development

Not everyone wants or can use a standard off-the-shelf video conferencing application.  Entrepreneurs have creative ideas and want a solution to match.  We have designed, engineered, developed, and serviced many custom applications over the years.  It might be for a doctor-patient application, a client-agent application, or perhaps a video call center.  Just give us your requirements and we will develop a cost effective solution.

Example from a real application—this application comes from a start-up company doing eye exams-remotely.  The exam rooms are scattered all over and operated by relatively unskilled personnel. A pool of skilled optometrists is located in a single office and is supervised by a single Ophthalmologist.  The optometric equipment is modern and can be controlled externally.  Video conferencing is used to present a personalized experience to the customer.

Several requirements of this application could not be handled using a traditional video conferencing solution.  For instance the connection from the exam room to the optometrist needed to be routed to an available person with the longest inactive time.  Also required were chat features, presence information, warnings that a session was about to start, the ability to opt out of a session, and certain information passed from the exam room.  A custom solution was required.

The application includes a central server/database that clients connect to and communicate with.  There are three different types of clients depending on job function.  They are the exam room, the optometrist, and the ophthalmologist.

The exam room assistant notifies the system when a new patient enters the exam room.  The optometrist pool can see how many exams are pending.  A short video is played to the patient just prior to the connection.  During this 30 second video the application assigns a specific optometrist to this patient.  The optometrist can view a countdown timer to prepare for the start of the exam.  The conference is automatically initiated at the end of the video.

At the end of the exam the optometrist ends the conference and uses the application to pass the results to the ophthalmologist for final approval.  The ophthalmologist can monitor all exams in real time and enter a particular one if needed.

The Video Conferencing Technologies custom application not only controls the video conference but also several other communications and touch points throughout the exam.

Custom Development Live Demo

This demonstration must be scheduled in advance as it is conducted using live personnel.  If interested, please contact Video Conferencing Technologies sales.  During the presentation the salesman will coordinate with you when to press the “Start Demo” button below.

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