Mission Statement – Our mission is to help your business be more productive and effective. We want to change the way your executives and staff communicate. Most businesses run via the telephone and email. Adding video to the process makes the communication experience richer and more effective. In the 1950’s TV replaced the Radio as the preferred media. It was easy to use and provided a much richer experience. Today, it is pretty rare for someone to spend a relaxing evening listening to the radio, but a night in front of the TV is common. In the coming decade, video conferencing will replace the telephone as the preferred media. With the right system, it is just as easy and provides a much richer and more effective medium. It will never replace the telephone or email, but supplement them. It offers a more efficient alternative to travel, enables faster decision making, and enables the telecommuter to be a more-connected office member.

Vidyo (yes, the spelling is correct) is our primary supplier. Vidyo was formed in 2005 by a group of industry veterans. They focused on development for a couple of years and then released the Vidyo product line which uses totally new video conferencing architecture. It is considered a disruptive technology because it delivers a complete product family of HD (high definition) video conferencing products using a much simpler design and at a much lower price point than heretofore thought possible. It is now affordable for the small business. The picture quality is stunning.

In the past few years Vidyo has won many awards and accolades for their design. The staff reads like a who’s who in the video conferencing world. They have grown tremendously and have no trouble attracting investment to enable their growth. They are a Company to watch as their product is superb. Sales growth in the past year alone was up over 100%.

Vidyo offers a complete line of products. The Desktop product runs on the PC, MAC, and Linux. The mobile client runs on Apple IOS and Android. For conference rooms there are several different choices including VidyoPanorama, a multi-screen system that can expand to 9 screens of 1080P at 60 fps.

Economics – This isn’t expensive like you would think. Everyone has a unique situation so I can’t say it will cost X dollars, but I will say that for most people, they will spend less that they do on their cell phone bill. You will find it very inexpensive weighed against the benefits. This will change the way you work. You will get more done in a day. You will travel less and accomplish more. It is cost effective for the single user working from home and also the large Corporation or University with thousands of people. It is easy to connect to other users and also unaffiliated guests.

Video Conferencing Technologies is a reseller of Vidyo equipment so if you are in the market we are happy to help. Also, we are a Video Conferencing Service Provider. Our service is similar to a cell phone plan, with no or very little capital expenditure or technical expertise needed. It is a safer way to get started. There is no contract and no capital expenditure. If, after testing and integrating it into your work environment, you find you would rather own, we are happy to sell it to you. The option is yours. When all is said and done, you will scratch your head and wonder how you operated without Vidyo.

Custom Video Conferencing Application Development is one of our specialties. The traditional video conferencing vendors focus on the basics that have widespread usage.  We take the Vidyo product which is solid, tested, and has an unusually good quality and create customized applications for specialty solutions.  Whether it is a healthcare application, a Video Call Center, or any other application, let us develop a specific application for your need.

Network Services – Technology is all about cloud computing, the virtual office, telecommuters, webinars, pictures, VoIP, collaboration, and yes, video conferencing. All of these technologies are very useful and make employees more productive, but at the same time, all require bandwidth and put stress on the network. Today’s networks are much more complicated than in the past. The networks of the past were only concerned with data. Today’s networks still have plenty of data, but now carry VoIP and Video. That creates new challenges and also bandwidth pressures. As the use of video and cloud computing grows, it will only get worse. Not only are bandwidth needs escalating, but the requirements for an always available network is also escalating. In short, we depend on the network.

Let Video Conferencing Technologies help you smartly design your network to keep the costs down and at the same time, assure availability. We have a group of products focused on network visibility (if you can see the problem, you can fix the problem), control, optimization, and load balancing. Bandwidth comes in many different types, prices and the quality varies significantly. Let us help you sort it out.

Other Products and Services – if you’re more comfortable sticking with one of the more traditional video conferencing providers, we can still help you. We offer products from Polycom, LifeSize and other vendors of legacy video conferencing and collaboration equipment. If you’re a busy executive with no time for technology, check out our “It Just Works Service”. No matter who you collaborate with, you’ll be assured that “It Just Works”.

Free Demo – Free Sales Support – For a free two week Vidyo demo, click here. For free sales support, click here.
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